Traditional Bond Flange Kit Instructions

Follow these easy instructions for a smooth installation.

Step 1 – Dry Fit

Place the entire grate install kit into the recessed area of the bond flange drain and dry fit your tile.

Make any necessary cuts and ensure everything fits as it should.. At this point the grate riser may be lower than your tile, that’s ok. We’ll address that in a later step. 

Step 2 – Adjustment Ring

Remove the tile you dry fit in the previous step and take note of the position of the adjustment ring within the drain body recess.

Apply thinset mortar to the drain body recess leaving the recess approximately half full. (do not allow thinset mortar to go into the drain)

Remove the adjustment ring from the install kit and place adjustment ring into the thinset mortar at the same approximate location and rotation from the dry fit. Press down completely and remove excess mortar.

Step 3 – Grate Riser

Apply thinset mortar to the underside of the FFX Grate Riser and insert into the adjustment ring. This thinset mortar will support the grate riser and offer vertical adjustment to the grate riser. During this step leave the grate riser approximately 1/8″ higher than your tile.

Step 4 – Set Tile

Dry fit the tile one more time and ensure everything is lining up, this is a good time to slide the adjustment ring/grate riser into it’s final location and doing so now will help you keep clean when setting the tile.

Use the flat side of your trowel to fill the holes and any gaps in the perimeter of the adjustment ring.

Spread thinset mortar over the adjustment ring using your notched trowel and set tile.

Press grate riser down until flush or SLIGHTLY lower than tile.

Remove excess mortar, especially from the black grout rim on the grate riser.

Step 5 – Grout and Finish

After your thinset mortar has dried, its time to grout. We recommend giving grout additional time to firm up around the grout rim/install plate and cleaning very lightly to leave that joint nice and full. This will help to greatly reduce the visibility of the black grout rim surrounding the grate.

After construction is complete, your shower is 100% done and ready to use, pop out the temporary install plate, drop in your FFX Grate and you’re done!